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  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Which Type Is Best?

    low testosterone doctors mclean, vaI’ve been treating testosterone-deficiency syndrome as a urologist for more than a decade. I’ve used every form of therapy available in the United States: Clomid, human chorionic gonadotropin, various gels, several types of testosterone patches, implantable testosterone pellets and injections. I’ve found that all these options are effective for some men if used correctly — but short-acting injections have become my go-to treatment over the past several years.  Read More...

  • The Testosterone Dilemma

    Like any medical treatment, the decision to use testosterone replacement therapy must be based on individual factors, and a frank conversation with one's doctor. Experts continue to debate the long term risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Unfortunately, there are no universal guidelines for the diagnosis or treatment of men found to have low testosterone.  Read More...

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Will TRT Affect my Fertility?

    Many of our patients have seen articles like this one in the Urology Times and wonder about how testosterone replacement therapy might affect their fertility; or even if they can address their Low T while trying to conceive.  Read More...

  • VIDEO: The Top 5 Myths About Testosterone

    Testosterone, it's what makes men, MEN. But there's a lot of confusion out there about testosterone and Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In this short video, Marc Richman, M.D. dispels the myths and rumors and dishes out the cold hard facts.  Read More...

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