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  • A Recipe for Success: Patient Case Study

    Recently, a patient shared his early success story after starting testosterone replacement therapy at our practice.J.V. is a 48 y/o who presented with a five year history of lethargy, low libido and poor results from exercise. Testosterone levels were 300 and 308 ng/dL but he was told by other physicians that he was not a candidate for hormone replacement therapy.   Read More...

  • More Than Just a Number: The Best Testosterone Treatment Focuses on the Whole Patient

    Testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS, or Low T), as its name implies, is a medical condition in which a man’s level of testosterone, the male hormone, is insufficient. Low T can cause a variety of problems: sexual dysfunction, fatigue, lack of motivation, loss of vitality and difficulty building muscle mass.A specialist can diagnose Low T only after taking a man’s detailed medical history, conducting a physical exam and measuring the testosterone in his blood.   Read More...

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    Stories From the Trenches: Never, Ever Entrust Your Low T Treatment to a Quack

    As a urologist who specializes in men’s health, I’ve encountered a string of patients lately who are getting treatment for testosterone deficiency from those I consider non-experts — family-practice doctors, OB-GYNs and the always suspicious “anti-aging” specialists. I’m always hesitant to criticize people in my line of work, but in all of these recent cases, the docs in question were employed at regional “hormone replacement clinics" — not exactly a hotbed of medical rigor. These test...  Read More...

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Consult the Pros Only, Please

    Injectable testosterone therapy prescribed by urologists is produced in a lab by taking bio-identical testosterone and adding a molecular modifier that helps the body fully metabolize the hormone. This enables the testosterone to be released slowly into the bloodstream. Without it, a patient would have to get an injection every day. That’s modern medicine, not feel-good flimflam.   Read More...

  • Treating Low T with Supplements? Think Again.

      Low testosterone is a drag. When a man’s testicles stop producing adequate amounts of the stuff, he’s got testosterone-deficiency syndrome (TDS), which brings with it a host of problems: fatigue, dysphoria, sexual dysfunction, increased body fat and difficulty building muscle mass. Today, testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) is the sole legitimate medical treatment for TDS.   Read More...

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