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C.G., Attorney, 55

Low T DoctorC.G. is a 55-year-old attorney who developed fatigue, decreased libido and mild depression. His primary-care physician informed him that he was having a “midlife crisis” and was probably clinically depressed. A prescribed antidepressant, however, offered no benefit.

C.G. later saw a TV commercial for testosterone gel, and returned to his physician requesting a testosterone blood test. His physician insisted that he didn’t have low testosterone but agreed to check his readings, which came back in the “low normal” range. C.G., his doctor told him, was just getting older and needed to give the antidepressants more time to take effect.

Unsatisfied with these recommendations, C.G. made an appointment with Obsidian. We discovered that he was having difficulty maintaining an erection and trouble building muscle mass despite regular gym workouts. We suspected testosterone deficiency, but C.G. presented us with the “low normal” results gleaned by his primary-care physician.

We therefore performed more-advanced testosterone screening, including measurement of bioavailable and free testosterone, which uncovered a rather severe testosterone deficiency. We began testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with injectable testosterone, and the results were astonishing: C.G. reported a tremendous libido boost and no trouble maintaining erection. His energy and mood improved to the point where he told his physician he didn’t need antidepressants. Finally, his workouts got much more productive, improving his muscle mass significantly.

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