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R.J., Retired Athlete, 52

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION DOCTORSR.J., 52, is a retired professional athlete who began to experience difficulty maintaining an erection during intercourse. His primary-care physician prescribed Viagra and conducted a PSA blood test for prostate cancer, which came back normal. The physician did not test for testosterone, telling R.J. he was “too athletic to have low testosterone.” The Viagra worked for six months before R.J.’s erection difficulties resumed.

R.J. decided to consult Obsidian Men’s Health. Our tests indicated that he did in fact have a severe testosterone deficiency — and that his supposedly “normal” PSA reading was in fact abnormal, given that PSA is testosterone-dependent. We performed a biopsy that showed that R.J. had prostate cancer, then referred him to a world-renowned robotic prostate surgeon, who performed a nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy. The cancer, fortunately, was still confined to R.J.’s prostate, and he was cured. With the help of Obsidian experts, he was then able to resume an active sex life via an aggressive post-prostatectomy penile rehabilitation program.

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