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  • More Than Just a Number: The Best Testosterone Treatment Focuses on the Whole Patient

    Testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS, or Low T), as its name implies, is a medical condition in which a man’s level of testosterone, the male hormone, is insufficient. Low T can cause a variety of problems: sexual dysfunction, fatigue, lack of motivation, loss of vitality and difficulty building muscle mass.A specialist can diagnose Low T only after taking a man’s detailed medical history, conducting a physical exam and measuring the testosterone in his blood.   Read More...

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    Prostate-Cancer Screening and Low T: What You Need to Know

    One of the most poorly understood aspects of American medicine today, especially in the realm of men’s health, is prostate-cancer screening. Indeed, the PSA — prostate-specific antigen — test, a blood screening that can detect early-stage prostate cancer, is one of the most hotly debated and misunderstood tests in the history of medicine. Why? Well, although non-expert physicians have minimal comprehension of testosterone deficiency itself...  Read More...

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    Stories From the Trenches: Never, Ever Entrust Your Low T Treatment to a Quack

    As a urologist who specializes in men’s health, I’ve encountered a string of patients lately who are getting treatment for testosterone deficiency from those I consider non-experts — family-practice doctors, OB-GYNs and the always suspicious “anti-aging” specialists. I’m always hesitant to criticize people in my line of work, but in all of these recent cases, the docs in question were employed at regional “hormone replacement clinics" — not exactly a hotbed of medical rigor. These test...  Read More...

  • Obsidian Men's Health Invites Men to Join the Conversation About Their Sexual Health

    #AskObsidianMcLean, Va. — Many men do whatever they can to avoid visits to their physician. In recent decades, a variety of health-care institutions have developed services specifically for women — now, with Obsidian Men's Health, Drs. Marc Richman and Shane Geib do the same for men, offering them a private, spa-like setting in which they can discuss and manage their sexual health and overall well-being, with experts in the field, in an atmosphere of total comfort.  Read More...

  • How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Affect Fertility?

    Low Testosterone ExpertsAs a urologist actively involved in screening and treating men with low testosterone, I’m frequently asked about the possible dangers posed to sperm production and overall fertility by testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT). This is a serious concern regardless of whether a man is supplementing his testosterone with topical medicine or injections.  Read More...

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