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  • Testosterone Therapy: What's the Best Delivery Method?

    Testosterone deficiency is a medical condition that can affect young and old men, alike. Physicians often ignore the symptoms of low testosterone in younger men due to preconceived notions that only men over the age of 50 can suffer from the condition. Doctors keen enough to discover the condition in younger men often withhold treatment fearing side effects such as infertility.   Read More...

  • Some Hard Truths About Non-Synthetic Low T Treatments

    Ask some physicians even once for information about low-testosterone treatment, and they might mention something called “HCG support.” Sounds innocuous — but it’s a concept that can have pernicious effects on men who aren’t familiar with it.  Read More...

  • Fact or Myth: Test Your Knowledge on Testosterone & Prostate Cancer

    Movember is a great opportunity for people to learn about important men's health issues. As a urologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of testosterone deficiency, I wanted to present some facts regarding the relationship between prostate cancer and testosterone. My hope is that a few concrete pieces of information will help men understand this complex relationship so that they can make educated decisions about their healthcare.  Read More...

  • What Is “Herbal Viagra” — and Is It Safe or Effective?

    There’s nothing like celebrity malfeasance to give an obscure topic newfound salience, and the recent discovery of an unconscious Lamar Odom — former NBA player, reality-TV star and Kardashian-in-law — in a Nevada brothel has done just that for so-called “herbal Viagra.” (Odom had apparently been popping the purported sexual stimulant over several days of partying.) What is the stuff, though? Here’s a primer. What is herbal Viagra?   Read More...

  • More Than Just a Number: The Best Testosterone Treatment Focuses on the Whole Patient

    Testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS, or Low T), as its name implies, is a medical condition in which a man’s level of testosterone, the male hormone, is insufficient. Low T can cause a variety of problems: sexual dysfunction, fatigue, lack of motivation, loss of vitality and difficulty building muscle mass.A specialist can diagnose Low T only after taking a man’s detailed medical history, conducting a physical exam and measuring the testosterone in his blood.   Read More...

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