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  • Corewave Therapy for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common medical condition affecting up to half of the male population. It typically affects men after the age of 50 but it's not uncommon for men in their 30's or 40's to suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction that impairs their ability to have a normal satisfying sex life.Until recently, the treatment of erectile dysfunction involved a variety of therapeutic options such as oral drugs like Viagra and penile injection therapy. These treatments m...  Read More...

  • Obsidian Men's Health in the News!

    We were honored to be featured in multiple news outlets for our "brosectomy". A brosectomy is when two guys get to bond while getting a vasectomy at the same time. We were interviewed by Fox 5 DC news, as well as being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and Washingtonian.   Read More...

  • Wall Street Journal: Obsidian Vasectomy in Style

    The Wall Street Journal is paying attention! Obsidian Men's Health is pioneering vasectomy-in-style — with, or without your friends.


  • Concerns Grow Over Fly-by-Night T Clinics

    There are many charlatans out there selling in-and-out Low T Therapy. But, Low T is a complex problem that requires the care of a urologist specially trained in hormonal medicine. Don't take shortcuts with your health!  Read More...

  • Fertility Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Testosterone deficiency is a medical condition that can affect young and old men, alike. Physicians often ignore the symptoms of low testosterone in younger men due to preconceived notions that only men over the age of 50 can suffer from the condition. Doctors keen enough to discover the condition in younger men often withhold treatment fearing side effects such as infertility.   Read More...

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