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At Obsidian, we treat Low T with an emphasis on the doctor-patient partnership; we regard building a relationship with you as integral. For a low monthly fee, you’ll have unlimited access to your doctor by phone and e-mail and can make an unlimited number of appointments, along with other benefits.


  • Personalized management of your testosterone-replacement therapy by preeminent experts. 
  • Comprehensive care. We can address and treat additional conditions should they arise. 
  • A multitude of treatment options. We work with you to choose the best one. 
  • Ongoing results optimization. 
  • Unlimited office visits. 
  • Physician care — always. 
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail access to your physician. 
  • Annual prostate-cancer screening. 
  • Access to our in-office pharmacy. 
  • Labs drawn in our facility, not via an outside party. 
  • Access to our member concierge. 
  • The utmost in privacy. 


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