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For men seeking a vasectomy, Obsidian offers concierge-level procedures performed by experts in an atmosphere of utmost serenity.

The Obsidian Vasectomy

Testosterone Deficiency

Low T can lead to difficulties including reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders and reduced pleasure during sex.

Obsidian Low T Center

Erectile Dysfunction

Often referred to as impotence, ED is a common form of male sexual dysfunction in which the man is unable to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection.

Treatment for ED

Premature Ejaculation

Few men seek treatment for premature ejaculation. We take a comprehensive approach and offer several options for treating the condition.

Treatment for PME

Why Obsidian

Obsidian Men's Health — in Tysons Corner, Va. — offers concierge-level care for all aspects of men’s sexual health and overall well-being. Our physicians’ experience, our technology and our customer service are unparalleled — enabling us to give our clients the finest individualized treatment available.


Dr. Shane Geib and Dr. Marc Richman have taken great care to design our Northern Virginia facility with both luxury and privacy in mind — to make our clients and their partners feel relaxed and secure during consultations and procedures. Separate check-in and check-out areas (with a separate exit for discretion) further enhance our clients’ privacy, and our facility can be closed under special circumstances for those who request unique protocols or have high-level security requirements.

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The Men's Health Specialists

We're the experts in Men's Health and Men's Sexual Health. Learn more about the conditions we treat.

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The Obsidian

Obsidian Men’s Health is a boutique medical practice that focuses solely on men’s health and well-being.

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